Sammy Guevara And Andrade El Idolo “Frustrated” Many Before Dynamite

Sammy Guevara cuts a promo on AEW Rampage 2022

Even before they had a physical altercation backstage at this week’s AEW Dynamite, Sammy Guevara and Andrade El Idolo had “frustrated” many in the company.

The backstage atmosphere in All Elite Wrestling has been tense, to say the least, for the past few weeks.

Sammy Guevara and Andrade El Idolo didn’t help the matter when, after a few days of going back and forth on social media, they got into a backstage scuffle during the 5 October Dynamite broadcast. However, it appears those in AEW were frustrated at the pair even before this.

A report from Fightful Select (which was released BEFORE the backstage fight) noted that several were left feeling discontent. An unnamed top talent was particularly off-put by the fact it painted a dire picture of the backstage environment within the company, especially after the Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, and Bryan Danielson-led locker room meeting post-All Out.

Another AEW original agreed, stating that it disrespected the work done by those three in turning the perception of AEW’s backstage environment around. It’s said that keeping dirty laundry off of social media was a crucial point detailed by Jericho, Moxley, and Danielson.

One AEW veteran was specifically quoted when asked if the situation was real or a work as saying that whenever anyone comments that wrestling isn’t real immediately defeats the purpose of a storyline. They did, however, hint that a match between Sammy Guevara and Andrade El Idolo may still happen due to the interest created by this drama:

“When you get into mentioning that wrestling isn’t real it defeats the purpose of whatever storyline you could be trying to work. They were talking about hitting each other hard and complaining, so if it’s a work, it’s a bad one. I’m sure they’ll eventually have a match though, just because people are talking.”

A follow-up Fightful Select report confirmed reports heard elsewhere, noting that Andrade was the aggressor in the situation while Guevara didn’t fight back.

As it stands, Andrade was sent home and taken out of his scheduled match on Friday, 7 October vs. Pres10 Vance, while Sammy remained on Dynamite, teaming with Chris Jericho to defeat Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia in the evening’s headliner.