Sami Zayn On His Old Theme Music – “I Had It For Too Long”

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Sami Zayn has explained why he doesn’t necessarily miss his old theme song because he feels he has evolved a lot as a performer.

As the “Honorary Uce” of The Bloodline group that is dominating WWE these days, Sami Zayn is known for his unique personality as well as his incredible skill in the ring.

Earlier in his WWE career, Zayn was a good guy with an energetic theme song called “Worlds Apart.” When his music hit, Zayn was known for dancing his way to the ring with the fans joining in while the “Ole” chants were there as well since some fans knew about his masked days as El Generico. When he turned heel in 2017 as an ally of Kevin Owens, Zayn kept on dancing in a way that annoyed the fans when his music hit.

Now that Zayn is part of The Bloodline and getting some of the biggest reactions of his career, he explained to Metro that he didn’t miss his old “Worlds Apart” theme song.

“No, I don’t [miss it]. Honestly, I wanted to change that song for a while. I thought I had it for too long – two years too long, maybe three years too long! [laughs]. Once I became a bad guy. I felt it should have switched right away. [Former WWE boss Vince McMahon] had a bit of a different mindset about it, which I see his point. It reached a point where it didn’t match the character anymore. Especially when I was doing the conspiracy stuff.”

Zayn went on to talk about the character he portrayed during the pandemic era of WWE where he claimed he was a “conspiracy theory” victim.

“I have a soft spot for that Conspiracy Theory stuff because it was just so creatively stimulating at the time. All this to say, the music – I thought it was really good for my time in NXT, it was really good for my time early up on the main roster. But then the character evolved, and as the character evolves I think that music – [Worlds Collide is] not even great music that can be applied to whatever. It can’t just go to any character, and as the character evolves – it felt very specific to that character, the plucky underdog.”

The former three-time Intercontinental Champion admitted also that the “Worlds Apart” song was difficult to dance to.

“The song that I used to come out was very anthemic. It was such a huge part of the character, and the fan interaction. So for sure, I’d be partial something that can engage the audience, that has that kind of football stadium thing that everyone can get involved in. I was like, oh man, I wanna come out to that song [Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough] now! I was come out and get all these people singing, ‘I just can’t get enough! I just can’t get enough!’ That’d be awesome, but I dunno if we can licence Depeche Mode or anything like that. But something that has that sort of quality to it, which is really hard to do with original music Something I can really dance to or commit to with my entrance. I think that’s an important quality too. My big problem with Worlds Apart was it actually very hard to dance to.”

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