Hall Of Famer Open To WWE Return

WWE Hall Of Famer Opens Up About Their Shocking Botch

A WWE Hall of Famer could return to the company before they hang up their boots.

Despite closing in on his mid-50s, Rob Van Dam continues to wow crowds with his unorthodox style, seemingly aging in reverse. While the star hasn’t wrestled for WWE for several years, he’s had several eye-catching matches for the likes of TNA, Wrestling Pro-Wrestling NOAH, and most recently AEW.

Interestingly, it seems fans haven’t seen the last of the star in a WWE ring.

On a recent episode of his 1 Of A Kind podcast, the ECW legend admitted that if WWE came calling he’d have no problem going back.

“I would totally be open to it,” Van Dam said. “I don’t know what it would take for that to happen. It’s possible that it would take me picking up the phone and telling them that I want to do this in order to start the fire. If that’s what it would take, chances are next to nothing that it’s gonna happen.”

Van Dam added that he’s unlikely to make the first move as he doesn’t want to be rejected, before touching on his most recent run with the company.

“In 2014, after my 88-match run in five months, … I shouldn’t have been there — they had nothing for me,” Van Dam continued. “At the end of it, when I finally did express my feelings, one of the things that stuck out in my mind was that the boss said, … ‘That’s up to you, if you want to come back. If you do, then we’ll make sure [to] have plans ahead of time. We’ll know what we’re doing the whole time.'”

WWE Hall Of Famer Plotting Comeback

While Van Dam has so far refused to hang up his boots, Booker T claimed he was retired after his appearance in the 2023 Royal Rumble — even if those comments did come with a sizeable caveat.

Despite this, Booker T has now revealed he’s planning an in-ring comeback with his Reality of Wrestling promotion.

H/t to Wrestling Inc