The Wrestling Legend Who Told Damian Priest He’d “Main Event WrestleMania Someday”

The Wrestling Legend Who Told Damian Priest He'd

Damian Priest, the towering and enigmatic WWE Superstar, achieved a career-defining milestone at WrestleMania XL by capturing the prestigious World Heavyweight Championship.

Known for his immense power and mastery of martial arts, Priest’s journey to championship glory was marked by significant victories, including a triumphant win at WrestleMania alongside Bad Bunny and a decisive victory over Sheamus for the United States Championship at SummerSlam 2021.

Embracing a darker persona, Priest’s allegiance with The Judgment Day and his intense rivalry with former ally Bad Bunny culminated in a historic San Juan Street Fight at WWE Backlash 2023 in his hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Displaying his unyielding determination, Priest further solidified his status as a formidable force in WWE by emerging victorious in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, earning the esteemed title of Señor Money in the Bank.

Of course, he would eventually “cash in” his winnings at WrestleMania XL, quickly defeating Drew McIntyre to become world champion. However, one former teammate recalled telling him that he was destined for greatness years prior.

Kevin Sullivan is a legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling, renowned for his impactful contributions both in and out of the ring. Speaking on Tuesday with The Taskmaster, Sullivan recalled working with Damian Priest in ROH…

“I was in Ring of Honor for a short time when I had a little group, it was [Damian Priest], Steve Corino, and B.J. [Whitmer]. I told him then, and this had to be three or four years ago, I told him, ‘You’re going to be in a main event at WrestleMania someday.’ And if you watched him, he’s very smart in the ring because he’s one of the few guys that can get away with talking in the ring and people don’t even see him when he’s on camera. He directs everything. Like that ladder match, I could see him directing things. He gets rid of the wrong ladder at the right time. He’s very, very smart business-wise. He’s got a great personality. He works very hard and he trained very hard to become a wrestler. He deserves this, but I think they’re just scratching the surface with him. I’m looking forward to watching his work progress.”

Damian Priest Happy Tag Team Titles Taken Seriously Again

In an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes, Damian Priest discussed the resurgence of the WWE Tag Team Championship within the company, attributing its renewed prominence to their headline role at WrestleMania 39. Here, he emphasised the significance of this pivotal event in reinstating the championship’s importance within the WWE landscape.

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