Damian Priest Happy WWE Tag Team Title Now Taken Seriously Again

WWE Damian Priest Finn Balor Tag Team Champions

Damian Priest is no stranger to success in WWE and now he’s explained how important it is to him that the once-forgotten WWE Tag Team Championship remains in the spotlight.

The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest and Finn Balor first captured the WWE Tag Team Championship at Payback in September 2023 from Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Their reign was cut short by Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso but Jimmy Uso played his part in helping Priest and Balor regain the championship on the 16th of October edition of Raw.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes, Damian Priest spoke about the WWE Tag Team Championship returning to prominence in the company and thinks their starring role at WrestleMania 39 played a big role in that:

I think it goes without saying that, unfortunately, there was a time where the tag team titles fell off a little bit and they weren’t as important as they should be. Then, obviously, the focus came back: WrestleMania main event [for the] tag team titles? That’s a wild one, no one could have predicted that the tag team championships would be the main event of one of the nights of WrestleMania. So that tells you everything you need to know as far as where they are now as far as importance.

Priest continued noting that he and Finn Balor take pride in holding the championship and want to make sure that it doesn’t fall down the pecking order in WWE ever again:

So you take that, and then Finn Balor and I winning these championships twice? It’s wild, but it’s so cool to know that we’re a part of something that’s important. It’s neat to know that we’re carrying that tradition of making sure that the titles stay important and we take pride in that. We don’t want the titles to fall off again.

I don’t think anybody does, you can tell by how many people want the tag team championships. It’s not just tag teams, it’s individual big stars that want to team up with somebody to take the titles from us. I think that’s awesome.

Come at us boys because we’re here and we’re staying. So it’s pretty neat.

Damian Priest Wants WWE Tag Team Title On WrestleMania Card

Damian Priest finished by noting that holding the tag title heading into WrestleMania means he knows he’s likely to be involved in something meaningful on the show:

Especially during Mania season, knowing that being a tag team champion going into WrestleMania, you know you’re gonna be in a high profile angle or match or just something. All we want to do is do something important and having the Tag Team Championships, we’re there. So it makes life a little easier.

A major tag team match has been rumoured as headlining night one of WrestleMania 40 but it won’t see a repeat of the WWE Tag Team Championship being defended in the main event.