Ring Of Honor To Go On Hiatus To “Reconceptualize” During First Quarter Of 2022

Ring of Honor logo

Ring Of Honor has made the shock announcement that it is going on hiatus for several months after this year’s ‘Final Battle’ pay-per-view in December.

Ring Of Honor has been an important part of professional wrestling for nearly two decades since it ran its first show in February 2002. Since then, it has been part of the journey many wrestlers made to become top stars in the industry. These have included CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, Seth Rollins, and The Young Bucks.

The company has now announced that they will be taking a break for the first few months of 2022 before coming back with “a new mission and strategy.”

“Throughout the pandemic, our top priority was to keep everyone healthy and safe, and despite not producing any live events over 18 months, we were able to keep everyone fully contracted.”

“We now find ourselves at a time where we need to make changes to our business operations and are planning a pivot for Ring Of Honor, with a new mission and strategy.”

“The year will culminate with a Final Battle in December, and we will be taking the first quarter of 2022 to work internally to reimagine ROH. ROH has the most dedicated fans in the wrestling industry, and we appreciate their loyalty and patience as we reconceptualize ROH.”

“We anticipate returning to live events in April for the Super Card Of Honor with a new fan-focused product and provide a unique experience for wrestling fans.”

Final Battle will take place on December 11th in Baltimore. and will be the 20th edition of the event since Ring of Honor began.

since the announcement, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported on social media that the company has released everyone from their contracts.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has also released a report saying that the releases mentioned by Meltzer will come into effect at the end of 2021.