Ricochet Reveals His Emotional Response To Wrestling Rey Mysterio

rey Mysterio

Ricochet has admitted to being so moved by a match with Rey Mysterio that he was in tears as he sought to thank the former WWE Champion.

Before joining WWE in 2018, Ricochet wrestled all around the world, including in NJPW, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and Lucha Underground where he fought under a mask as Prince Puma. Speaking on the ‘With Authority‘ podcast, the former US Champion spoke about the match he had with Mysterio in Lucha Underground, saying it was one of his favourite matches because of what the Lucha legend means to him.

“A lot of people ask me ‘what’s your favorite match?’ It’s hard for me to pick a favorite match because I have favorites for very specific reasons. But if I had to pick one up to this point of my career, that match has to go top two, top three favorite matches ever. Just because of what it meant to me, what Rey means to me. We might’ve even had a couple before that match, on the independents, one overseas, one in New York. But that one specifically, man, I remember after the match. He leaves the ring and I’m about to leave, and he stops me and says ‘no, this is your moment. You stay. I’m going to get out of here.’ He had just won, but everyone was cheering for me.”

Ricochet went on to say that he wanted to thank Mysterio for the match and let him know what an inspiration he had been on his own career. However, he couldn’t get the words out as he was so emotional.

“I go to the back finally, I try to find his little locker room. I go in there and I’m trying to just say ‘thank you so much for this match. It means a lot to me. You’ve obviously been a huge inspiration, you’ve been someone I looked up to for so long. So, just thank you.’ I was trying to talk to him and tell him all this stuff.”

“He was sitting there, everyone’s around, and I’m just crying. I can’t even speak. Like, literally so emotional, and he’s like ‘no, I know man.’ Even at that moment he was like, ‘man, I loved that. I wish you could’ve met Eddie (Guerrero). Eddie would’ve loved you, bro. Eddie was watching that one for sure.’ As soon as I started feeling better and he says that, I’m literally crying again. I think he knows the respect level that’s there. I think he knows the inspiration and everything. It’s just cool and to share a ring with someone like him.”

On the recent WWE Draft, Ricochet was drafted from Raw to SmackDown, while Rey Mysterio went in the opposite direction with his son Dominik, so it could be some time before the pair meet in the ring again.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.