Report: WWE NXT Takeover Taking Place on Thursday, April 8 (Two Days Before WrestleMania)

It looks like WWE’s WrestleMania week is going to be even busier than expected. That’s because there will be the next WWE NXT Takeover event taking place on Thursday, April 8th, which is just two days before WrestleMania 37 begins on April 10 and concludes on April 11.

It is being reported by Fightful that if you try to cancel WWE Network, an image appears letting you know that if you cancel you’ll miss out on big events including Takeover on Thursday, April 8.

This is an addition to the news that NXT is expected to move to Tuesdays starting April 13, which we reported yesterday. That hasn’t been made official by WWE yet.

The April 8 NXT Takeover date also hasn’t been made official by WWE although we may hear about tonight during NXT on USA Network.

The addition of NXT Takeover just two days before WrestleMania means that an already busy week got even busier. This is just the WWE schedule that looks like this.

Wednesday, April 7 – NXT TV

Thursday, April 8 – NXT Takeover

Friday, April 9 – Smackdown

Saturday, April 10 – WrestleMania 37 Part 1

Sunday, April 11 – WrestleMania 37 Part 2

Monday, April 12 – Raw

Tuesday, April 13 – NXT TV in its new Tuesday timeslot.

If you’re wondering, there’s no word right now on when the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony from last year will take place.

It’s also going to be interesting to see what venue WWE uses starting in April because they won’t be able to use Tropicana Field due to Major League Baseball season starting on April 1. That means WWE will need a new venue. Maybe they start touring in some states that allow fans.

TJR Thoughts: I will be reviewing those shows for seven straight days. I love being busy. Some of the reviews won’t be live.