Report: Brock Lesnar No Longer Under Contract to WWE, Merchandise Removed from WWEShop

A big name in the professional wrestling business is now a free agent. It’s being reported by PWInsider’s Mike Johnson that Brock Lesnar is currently a free agent. His deal with World Wrestling Entertainment, which Johnson has been able to confirm.

It was noted by Johnson that apparently WWE and Lesnar have been working on a new deal, but they hit an impasse and talk has stopped for now. That means Lesnar is currently free to take offers from other wrestling companies like All Elite Wrestling, New Japan or somewhere else. Obviously, Lesnar isn’t cheap to bring in.

Lesnar, who is 43 years old, could go back to Ultimate Fighting Championships as well, but it is possible that he has retired from MMA. Lesnar’s last UFC fight was in July 2016 when he defeated Mark Hunt, but the win was taken away because Lesnar positive for a drug called clomiphene.

There were numerous reports online today that Lesnar’s WWEShop has been removed and if you try to visit it, you’ll see there is nothing there.

Lesnar’s last appearance for WWE was at WrestleMania 36 night two (aired on April 5) when he put over Drew McIntyre for the WWE Title in a match that was under five minutes.

It was noted by Johnson that Lesnar’s contract has expired in the past and he had returned to WWE, but this would be the longest hiatus for Lesnar.

According to Wrestlevotes, Lesnar and WWE could end up working again whenever the company wants to reach out to him.

Like it or not, Lesnar is one of WWE’s biggest stars ever with 5 WWE Championship reigns and 3 Universal Championship reigns, so that’s eight major “World” Titles in his career that started 20 years ago as a developmental prospect.

For the majority of the last eight years of his run with WWE, Lesnar had Paul Heyman as his advocate that did promos for. Heyman is now with Roman Reigns as of last week’s Smackdown, so that’s an indication that WWE has moved on from Lesnar…at least for now.

TJR Thoughts: There may be rumors of Lesnar working elsewhere, but WWE is the biggest company that can pay him the most. What we don’t know is if Brock wants to come back soon or take a longer break perhaps until next year. Lesnar lives in Saskatchewan and he could work in the US if he has to because he’s an American citizen as well, but with the current pandemic situation in the world, there’s no fans there, so maybe wrestling companies will be reluctant to bring him in. Perhaps it’s a case of WWE and Lesnar agreeing not to use him until the fans are back. That could be early next year or further down the road.

I don’t know if AEW would want Lesnar, but if they did get him then that would be a huge thing for them even if it’s only a handful of appearances. It would certainly generate a lot of buzz for AEW. I don’t know if it’s an option. My gut feeling is that Lesnar remains in WWE and while there’s no physical contract that we know of, maybe they have agreed to hold it off until next year or whenever the crowds are back at shows. I don’t know for sure. I’m just throwing it out there.

This could end up being a huge story if Lesnar appears for another company, but if he stays in WWE then it’s business as usual.