Update On NXT Halloween Havoc Main Event (SPOILER)

WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Logo

Last Wednesday, WWE recorded two weeks’ worth of NXT television content, already having their episodes for September 20th and September 27th ready to go for USA Network.

For this upcoming week’s show, JD McDonagh took out Tyler Bate in a match that had No. 1 contender implications for the NXT Championship. After the match, Ilja Dragunov would then reveal himself and stare down both McDonagh and current NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

On next week’s program, an exchange between Breakker, McDonagh, and Dragunov took place in the form of a promo, where Dragunov demanded a title shot, however, McDonagh wouldn’t go for it due to him already earning the No. 1 contender spot.

Afterwards, Breakker would come out, only to have a match thrown on his plate from McDonagh where he would have to fight Dragunov for the belt, and the winner would then have to defend it against McDonagh after his victory over Bate.

Breakker declined McDonagh’s challenge, instead countering with a challenge of his own – a triple threat match between Breakker, McDonagh, and Dragunov at the NXT premium live event Halloween Havoc. Both McDonagh and Dragunov would accept the challenge.

NXT Halloween Havoc will take place on Saturday, October 22nd at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

On Wednesday, Fightful Selectreported that WWE is not only bringing back the NXT black and gold brand, but they are also bringing back the TakeOver label for NXT premium events. No details are known at this time when exactly WWE plans on returning the TakeOver name, but Fightful Select’s report did say “Takeover shows are on the horizon.”