Naomi Shares Photo With Sasha Banks and Bayley At New York Fashion Show

wwe sasha banks naomi Women's Tag Team Championships

Naomi and Sasha Banks continue to take the spotlight wherever they go.

One-half of the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Naomi took to Twitter to share a photo of herself, alongside Sasha Banks and the recently-returned Bayley at New York Fashion Week.

Naomi, posted the following photo with the caption:

“Your friendship has never wavered that means everything to me love you DING DONG thank you for being here for us @itsBayleyWWE (just know you can still get swung on tho) @SashaBanksWWE

In case you missed it, Banks and Naomi walked out of the May 16 episode of Monday Night RAW after placing their WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles on the desk of former VP of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis before exiting the show altogether. Neither Banks nor Naomi have been mentioned on WWE programming outside of a controversial remark by commentary, noting that Banks and Naomi’s recent conduct was ‘unprofessional’.

While Bayley returned to WWE during last month’s, SummerSlam premium live event, Banks and Naomi haven’t yet made their way back to the company, however, the pair were reportedly added back to the company’s internal roster sheets.