MJF Reveals His Favorite Member Of The Bloodline


Maxwell Jacob Friedman, more commonly known as MJF, appeared on “Barstool Wrasslin” with host Brandon Walker last week. As usual, the “Devil” wasn’t afraid to let his opinion on the world of professional wrestling be known.

During his appearance, MJF was doing MJF things, perfectly executing his heel role even outside of the ring. He consistently made fun of the height of Walker, and he was also brutally honest to the T about other matters, including what’s going on in today’s sports entertainment.

“The Salt of the Earth” has never been afraid to share his opinion, even when it comes to his current employer’s rival, WWE. MJF has publicly praised the company on multiple occasions, also hinting that he watches their shows, especially segments when Roman Reigns and The Bloodline show up.

During his interview with “Barstool Wrasslin,” he would get into the conversation of Reigns and his Samon mafia, and who was his favorite in the stable.

Originally, MJF wanted to say Sami Zayn, especially after becoming an official “Honorary Uce” and seeing his stock go through the roof. Zayn’s appeal has also gone up due to his relationship with Solo Sikoa, with the two appearing to form a close relationship.

However, the “Devil” would dismiss Zayn because he doesn’t view him as an actual member of The Bloodline due to his “honorary” label.

The Long Island native would then turn to a fellow New Yorker, Paul Heyman, stating that the “Wise Man” is his favorite of the Anoa’i family.

“I’m going to go with my ‘Uncle Paul’ … I mean, I know he’s a member of my tribe, but no, he’s Bloodline, he’s Bloodline offish, making major moves.”