Mick Foley Pitched Big Change For Thunder Rosa To Tony Khan in 2021

Mick Foley

Mick Foley once had big plans for Thunder Rosa.

Recently on the “Foley Is Pod” podcast, Mick Foley spoke about his comeback to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2012 after working in TNA for a stint. Not just that, but Mick Foley also put a spotlight on how he actually tried to pitch Thunder Rosa changes to Tony Khan just last year.

“I just reached out and said, ‘Hey, have you ever thought of procuring the rights of Thunderstruck for Thunder Rosa?’ This was about a year ago, just out of the blue, you know, not like ‘Hey, can I have a job.’ I just thought, man, that would be epic to get the whole crowd chanting. He thanked me for it, wished me well, and away I went. Good guy. I met Tony years and years ago. Great guy.”

Mick Foley also expressed his thoughts on each Tony Khan and Dixie Carter:

“Jeff (Jarrett) probably told you about the time that the old TNA was literally on its last leg. They were asking to hold out for the pay off the loans and can you hold out just a few weeks longer? Dixie was the PR person. Jeff had no idea what her family, what her dad did for a living. She talked to Jeff afterwards, ‘I think I might have a way to keep things going’, and she became an investor, an angel investor in this world.

What did she get for it? Nonstop abuse. Grief. I was like, what kind of a self loathing group of people are we to be blasting angrily at this woman. Dixie did a lot for the world of wrestling and got unparalleled grief. Tony Khan has done an amazing job for all of us, and he probably shouldn’t be as hands on as he is as far as social media, maybe too accessible. But that’s the knock on him? That he cares too much? I’ll take that all day.”

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