Matt Hardy Recalls Facing RVD – “Like A Potato Fest”

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy and Rob Van Dam’s matches were apparently “like a potato fest.”

Each Matt Hardy and Rob Van Dam (RVD) rose to stardom during the Attitude Era, and as a result, their careers mixed on a consistent basis, having interacting with each other on several occasions in both World Wrestling Entertainment and IMPACT Wrestling. The last time the two wrestled would be on March 31, 2011 on an episode IMPACT Wrestling, with Hardy, Abyss and Bully Ray taking out RVD, Sting and Mr. Anderson in a steel cage six-man tag team match.

While having chemistry in the ring, Matt Hardy recently stated that he wasn’t always interested in working with Rob Van Dam. Taking to his “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Hardy said that wrestling the WWE Hall of Famer was “like a potato fest,” referring to the stiffness of RVD.

“I’ll be honest, a lot of times when me and RVD worked, it ended up being like a potato fest. It seemed like that it was very, you know, if he gets aggressive, it just makes me more aggressive too, we’ve had quite a few. Nowadays as I’m a little older, I like working solid, I don’t like working super stiff though.

RVD, especially when he first came in, people were like, ‘Oh my God, RVD is gonna get the sh*t out of you’, he would lay them in. But I love Rob and I love working with him and would work with him every day of the week.”

H/T Inside The Ropes