Matt Cardona Says ‘Z True Long Island Story’ Changed Pro Wrestling

Matt Cardona

If you ask Matt Cardona, professional wrestling was forever changed by “Z True Long Island Story.”

In World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for over 10 years under the ring name of Zack Ryder, Matt Cardona used to ride a wave of popularity in the company, with most of his fan base coming from YouTube channel and program.

Recently making an appearance on “Notsam Wrestling” for an interview, Matt Cardona spoke about what WWE Championship he still carries around, and he also got into how he is responsible for the launch of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the biggest competitor to WWE.

“Internet [Title] always comes; it’s the most prestigious title in wrestling. It changed the business. Tell me that ‘Z True Long Island Story’ didn’t change the business … All these kids vlogging about BTE, you know, that started AEW. So, really, I’m responsible for AEW … Without ‘Z True Long Island Story’ there would be no BTE and there would be no AEW.”

On his YouTube channel before it hit its peak, Cardona founded the Internet Championship. Using the leverage that he created for himself, Cardona would eventually become a WWE United States Champion in 2011. His show was come in handy for Cardona for other reasons as well, including communicating with the WWE Universe.

H/T Wrestling Inc.