Mandy Rose Recalls Finding Top NXT Star Crying In Bathroom

Mandy Rose NXT Women's Championship

Mandy Rose has opened up about giving advice to a fellow NXT star when she found her crying in the bathroom after a match.

Mandy Rose returned to NXT in July 2021 and soon became a dominant force in the brand alongside her Toxic Attraction teammates, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne.

The star captured the NXT Women’s Championship – her first ever title in WWE – at Halloween Havoc 2021 and has now held it for over 330 days.

To cement her position at the top of the NXT women’s division, Mandy Rose also defeated Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport at World’s Collide to capture and retire the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

As one of the longest-tenured female performers on the NXT roster, Mandy Rose can be regarded as a locker room leader in the brand.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on his ‘Out of Character’ podcast, Rose recalled offering advice to fellow NXT star Cora Jade when she noticed her crying in a bathroom following a match.

“I remember like one of my first things, Cora actually, I didn’t even know where we were at but she was upset… We’ve all had those moments.

“She was like crying in the bathroom like after a match, it was like a PC live event thing we had. I went up to her cause I had a feeling why she was crying, she just, you know, maybe she got a bad feedback or whatever.”

“I just went up to her and said ‘Listen, that was a match, you know, performance center and it was in front of your coaches and this is where you learn.’

“You know, just don’t stress over like something that they said cause she was stressing over something that just keeps being said and she was frustrated and we’ve all been there. Sonya and I have cried a bunch of times together about things.”

H/t to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.