Jimmy Hart Provides Positive Update On Hulk Hogan’s Health

Hulk Hogan poses for the crowd

Jimmy Hart has given an update on Hulk Hogan’s health following reports that the WWE Hall of Famer was dealing with “really bad” issues.

In November 2021, while discussing his own health problems on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Ric flair revealed that Hulk Hogan was dealing with issues of his own having gone through multiple back surgeries and hip replacements duirng the last few years.

“He’s having some really bad health issues but he keeps up with me. We support each other, good and bad. When I was in the hospital he flew up that day like everybody else that came up to see me…Hulk was gracious, Jimmy Hart was great. I don’t remember seeing them because I was in a coma but they made the effort to go. Those are the kind of things that mean a lot.”

Speaking on the most recent episode of ‘Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw’, Hogan’s longtime friend and manager, Jimmy Hart, provided an update on the ‘Hulkster’s condition. In positive news, Hart said that Hogan is taking therapy every week and “doing a lot better”.

“Well, he’s doing a lot better. Still, after 12 back surgeries, hips, and knees, he’s doing so much better. He’s been taking this therapy every week and it’s been really improving him more and more so he can get up and get about pretty good now.

Hart then added that the ‘Hulkster’ looks as good as ever and and can do interviews “at the drop of a hat”.

“He still looks good. He always has the hair and has the tan. His upper body is unbelievable. He always looks the part. He can still do an interview at the drop of a hat. He knows what to say and when to say it. He is such a magnet. People love him no matter where we go. It’s crazy.”

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