Jim Ross Calls Vince McMahon “An Amazing Human”

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has given high praise to former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, claiming that he will never be replaced.

Having spent many years in senior positions during McMahon’s reign at the helm of the company, Jim Ross was also let go by him on a number of occasions – something which McMahon seemingly had fun doing when he then hired JR back.

Despite what some would consider bad treatment, the veteran announcer recently discussed the legacy McMahon has left behind, going as far as to call him an amazing human being.

In a discussion recently on the Money for Mongo fundraiser for Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael who is battling ALS, Jim Ross noted the effort Vince McMahon put in to build the company up from the ground.

He will never be replaced.

He will always be at the top of the mountain. Look what he built. And he built it from s**t, those little arenas, smoky… and having to deal with commissions and all that stuff. He’s an amazing human being.

Continuing on, Good Ol’ JR discussed the times he was fired by McMahon, and how his former employer was fair with him.

He’s fired me three or four times, I don’t give a s**t. When he found out I didn’t give a s**t, it made it more fun for him and he just kept firing me. But here’s the good news: He hired me back. He never hired me back for less money than I was making before I exited. So, he’s always been fair to me that respect.

Vince McMahon brought an end to his time with WWE on 22nd June 2022, retiring from the company amidst a backdrop of accusations surrounding sexual misconduct and financial irregularities.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.