Jim Ross Recalls Infamous Katie Vick Storyline

Jim ross speaking at home

Jim Ross doesn’t have anything really positive to say about one of the most notorious and widely-panned segments in WWE history.

Following the 2002 Brand Extension, WWE’s two main shows had clearly distinct philosophies. SmackDown was the wrestling show and RAW was the entertainment show. It was this latter mentality that saw Jim Ross witness several strange creative ideas.

In an attempt to make WWE RAW more entertainment-oriented, Vince McMahon and his creative team threw ideas that were basically everything except for wrestling. Then came the Katie Vick angle, which was built up over a few weeks and culminated with…DUI, manslaughter, and necrophilia.

While HHH and Kane tried to make the best out of a very bad situation, Jim Ross, like the rest of WWE’s fans watching, had to try and make sense of this angle.

Speaking on his Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross admits that he disliked it as much as everyone else. He also went on to elaborate on what the mindset was behind Katie Vick and similar ideas.

“I don’t recall any more decent ideas. There may have been. Somebody may have said, ‘Well, that’s not outlandish enough, that’s not sensationalistic enough. But it was an attempt to become more entertainment. For Raw anyway, the entertainment side of that show became the HLAs and all that shit. Lawler and I did our best to make some sense out of it, narrate it, or lay out.

The only thing I will say about that stuff is it was different, it was unique, it was new. But none of those things were good. It wasn’t good new. Nothing. This show was a great example of us getting way out of our lane.”

h/t sescroops for the transcription