Kane Calls WWE Hall Of Famer A “Very Underrated” Entertainer

Kane makes entrance

Kane has named a WWE Hall of Famer he feels was unfairly underrated when it came to the entertainment aspect of wrestling.

When it comes to the theatrical aspects of wrestling, Glenn Jacobs is an expert. During his legendary run as The Undertaker’s masked brother, Kane, the star was famous for using flames and pyrotechnics. During his heated feud with The Phenom, the pair would regularly throw lightning in arenas, trap each other in caskets, and try to bury each other alive.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Bret Hart was known as ‘The Excellence of Execution’ for good reason as he wowed audiences with his technical wrestling ability, putting on some of the top matches of the 1990s.

On a recent episode of WWE’s Table For 3, the guests at the eponymous table were Kane, Hart, and Jerry Lawler. During their conversation, the former Big Red Machine told Bret Hart that he always felt that he was underrated as an entertainer, citing his feud with Lawler.

“I always felt about you that you were never the flashiest guy. You were the workman that went out and got the job done. But I also think that you’re very underrated as an entertainer.”

“I think a lot of that [is] just because of the character you portrayed. But then you saw what you did with Jerry in the ‘Kiss My Foot’ match and the other stuff, I just have always thought that you were a great wrestler who wasn’t appreciated enough for being a great entertainer, as well.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.