Jim Cornette Slams Viral Clip Of Dog Winning A Wrestling Match

Jim Cornette in Ring of Honor

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jim Cornette wasn’t too keen on seeing the viral clip of a dog partaking in a wrestling match.

Dogs aren’t a new concept in wrestling – at least as companions.

However, a dog has now stepped into a wrestling ring for what is believed to be the first time, causing rife discussion on social media as to whether or not the decision to have the four-legged pet “wrestle” was wise. Jim Cornette, speaking on the latest Jim Cornette Experience podcast, slammed the decision, questioning why anyone as a wrestler would take part in such a spot:

“And there’s a dog with a redheaded woman. Oh, it’s a cute little white and grey dog, and it obviously is not happy about being in there. So the girl that owns it has to get in there, he jumps up on the wrestler and the wrestler takes a bump and now he jumps up on the wrestler’s back. Well, my dogs used to do this when I was a kid. If you get on your hands and knees, they’ll jump up on your back. And he jumped on him and he’s got his feet on his chest and he’s pinned him. Well, that’s just swell.

[Asked if the manager should have caused a disqualification via interference] Well then yeah, the manager’s in the ring, it should have been a disqualification. I mean, you know, why would [you]? Why? What is the reason why this guy would want to do this if he is an actual wrestler or thinks he’s an actual wrestler? Obviously, if he was an actual wrestler, he wouldn’t be involved in his show. But what’s the reason for him to take phoney bumps for a dog and sh*t on the building? Even if it’s the dog’s birthday, the dog doesn’t want to look like it wants to be in the ring to begin with.

So it’s not like you’re doing something for the dog. It looks like the dog is a little nervous of the people until the redhead gets in the ring because the redhead is mommy. But so did this guy buy boots and tights and say, ‘I hate the wrestling business, I’m gonna make a joke out of it in front of as many people as will sit and watch me’, which apparently is 36. There’s other people walking by in the background, but it looks like they’re just walking to craft booths and are not a part of this. There’s literally like well, maybe 28 people sitting there paying attention to this.”

Jim Cornette continued, further ridiculing the wrestler involved for willingly getting involved with such a spot due to its potential to make the wrestling industry appear as “silly and phoney and stupid”:

“What is this guy’s purpose? What is his reason for this? Why would you do this? Even if you’re just a play wrestler that works for free on weekends in f*cking flea markets like this. Why are you doing it if you don’t have some respect for it and want to be involved in it, and you’re doing something that if you do it right, and if you do it wrong, punishes your body.

So you, instead of going out and like guys used to do, living their weekend warrior fantasy of being a real professional wrestler, even though they got a job at a plumbing company. And they would try to tell their co-workers how tough they were, and they were pro wrestlers. Now these guys want to make wrestling look as silly and phoney and stupid, and as easy to do for anybody as possible. What is the psychology there?”

The wrestler in question was Psycho Mike, who tweeted, “Well, I made it” once the clip went viral on social media. Mike, also known as Mike Rollins, is a 37-year-old freelancer from Waterdown, Ontario, Canada, and has previously worked enhancement matches for both WWE and IMPACT Wrestling.

Dogs have long been used within pro wrestling prior to this incident, though traditionally as managers. The likes of Al Snow, Rene Dupree, and The British Bulldogs all had beloved animals by their side during their WWE careers.

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