Jim Cornette Harshly Criticizes Rousey-Morgan Extreme Rules Match

extreme rules ronda rousey liv morgan

Jim Cornette was not a big fan of the Ronda Rousey-Liv Morgan match at WWE Extreme Rules with the former wrestling manager saying it was like watching “an inmate from a women’s prison against a girl scout.”

At the October 8th WWE Extreme Rules event, Ronda Rousey regained the Smackdown Women’s Title from Liv Morgan, who took the title from Rousey at Money in the Bank in July thanks to a MITB briefcase cash-in after Rousey was already in a match.

Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette reviewed Extreme Rules on the most recent edition of his Jim Cornette Experience podcast and labeled Rousey as the inmate from prison while Morgan was the girl scout. Cornette even joked to his co-host Brian Last about wanting to find a drug to help him get through the match.

“This is an inmate from a women’s prison against a girl scout. And the girl scout brings a baseball bat out and leans it in the corner and then they’re facing each other and she tries to go for it, Liv Morgan, and Ronda stops her but 15 seconds later she gets the bat anyway and Ronda just takes it away from her and tosses it out of the ring. So the babyface in this equation is trying to use a baseball bat against the heel but the heel keeps taking it away from her and throwing it away. But God I want to take drugs. How about a new drug one that won’t make me watch wrestling? [Brian – Which drug is that?] Whatever drugs these people are f*cking taking. So anyway, then Ronda beats up Liv for a while and Liv was under the ring and came out under the apron skirt as well and came out and did the fire extinguisher spot but she almost missed that because she started squirting the extinguisher while it was still underneath the apron skirt. And every time Ronda did something to her, the judo throws or she gave her a Piper’s Pit at one point on the floor, Morgan just jumps right back up.”

As Cornette continued on, he really didn’t enjoy how they used the baseball bat and no-sold it at times as well.

“Finally, Rousey gets the bat and hits six shots with a baseball bat on Liv. Now they looked like sh*t, you couldn’t tell whether she was trying to working hit her hard and couldn’t, or was just taunting her with the bat by not hitting her that hard. But Liv Morgan rolls in the ring after getting hit with a bat six times, starts a comeback and then Liv gets the bat and hits Ronda Rousey with it nine times. A 120-pound blonde Barbie just hit Ronda Rousey nine times with a baseball bat. But fortunately, she couldn’t do any damage, because Ronda just went and got her Judo gi belt and whipped Morgan with that and Morgan sold the gi belt more than she sold the baseball bat. And then Ronda got the bat again and hit Liv Morgan another five times. And Liv Morgan just posted Rousey to stop her from beating her with the baseball bat. And by now they’ve started just swinging it so effortlessly you can tell also it’s a f*cking wiffle ball bat anyway because there’s no weight to it. And then Morgan goes and pulls a table out from under the ring and I say you know what? Life is too short. I’m done. What happened? Where did they go from there?”

Following her loss to Rousey, Morgan was exhibiting strange behavior that could lead to a potential character change.

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