Jim Cornette Critical Of AEW ‘Misusing’ Newcomers

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette recently went on an epic rant about the state of AEW.

The wrestling icon Jim Cornette had this to say about the promotion:

“Matt Taven is very, very good, and I think very talented, and in this field could be used along with Mike Bennett as a top level f*cking guy. They can both work circles around some of these self trained f*cking imbeciles, but they can hang with the legitimate pros there are on the roster in AEW what there are of them, they’re both very good. So they’ve been here a week, so he brings Taven in and beats him.

Not only does he beat him, but also to make sure that Wardlow doesn’t get over anymore, they have a really competitive match and then Wardow beats him. So now that’s done neither guy any good. Because Taven is a nobody who’s had no wins in this environment, but he comes in and goes 15 minutes with Wardlow before Wardlow beats him flat with four powerbombs and a foot on his f*cking chest. So Taven is now useless as a talent to the company.

Jim Cornette continued:

We’ve been now indoctrinated that Matt Taven’s a guy that comes in and gets the sh*t kicked out of him and f*cking beat flat in the middle. But then, like the heels always do in this company, Bennett attacks him from behind and they start trying to get some heat on Wardlow. So here comes Samoa Joe, Wardlow’s weird tag team partner for no reason. He does the run in to save his partner carrying whatever championship belt he holds here, I can’t remember.

Jim Cornette said:

And then he beats up both of the heels, he beats up both Bennett and Tavan and sh*t cans them both out of the f*cking ring. So actually Bennett and Taven in a tag team programme with FTR would probably be the best tag team matches we could get in today’s environment without employing Mark and Jay Briscoe. But they just got brought in to do a job and then get the sh*t kicked out of them and sh*t canned out of the ring.

Continuing his rant, Jim Cornette stated:

But nevertheless he sh*t cans those good heels, here comes Powerhouse Hobbs music and entrance. Okay, what the f*ck? What does he have to do with anything here but as he’s coming down the ramp, a million other heels jump in the goddamn ring from behind. It’s the Ring of Honor heel crew with the Gates of Agony, the fat Samoans and whoever the f*ck else is involved.

Jim Cornette continued:

And I get now Hobbs is going to be stuck in that, and the DVR froze because they were about 30 seconds from going off the air, but there’s 18 people in the ring and we still don’t really know who all of them are. And thanks for coming Bennett and Taven. Maria didn’t get to do sh*t except jump up on the apron one time, glory hallelujah. What is he [Tony Khan] doing? If you don’t have room to use these guys now, then don’t bring them in and just ruin their careers.

Jim Cornette closed out:

Just destroy them on national television. Wait six months until some more of these goddamn self trained, entitled, nepotism f*cking victims that got their jobs because who their friends are, self destruct and get in a fight you got to get rid of them. Then bring the good talent in and use them. I swear to God right now if he had the opportunity to sign John Cena, Tony Khan I’m talking about, and he already had Wednesday night’s TV written, he would sign John Cena and put him in a f*cking dark match on YouTube because he just didn’t have room.”

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