Jeff Hardy Comments on Re-Signing with WWE, Bringing Back “No More Words” Song When Fans Return

Jeff Hardy is the current Intercontinental Champion on the WWE Smackdown brand even though Sami Zayn would tell you that he’s the champion. Hardy is likely going to face Zayn and AJ Styles at Clash of Champions later this month, but that’s not official yet.

What we did find out today is that has apparently re-signed with WWE and he wants to bring back his popular “No More Words” song from his singles run in the 2000s. Hardy made the comments to BT Sport, who posted the video as well.

“No More Words, when we do get in front of a crowd again, that was a part of me re-signing. I’m like, ‘If we get in front of people again, I’d like to use No More Words again because I know y’all own it.’”

“That was the deal for me re-signing. That’s gonna be the ticket when we get back in front of crowds. That’s going to boost me even more. To hear that music again… I think the Hardy Boyz music is just for Matt and Jeff Hardy, not just Jeff Hardy.”

Here’s the video.

There have been a lot of reports about Hardy’s contract because his brother Matt left when his deal expired, but WWE added another year to Jeff’s contract due to injuries and going through rehab. What we don’t know right now is how many years Hardy has re-signed for. Rey Mysterio recently signed a three year deal while others in WWE have signed five year deals to remain in the company. Hardy is 43 years old now.

TJR Thoughts: The fact that Jeff re-signed is not a surprise at all because it makes sense for him to stay in WWE and finish his career there. I think he’s always going to be pushed at a decent upper midcard level and maybe there will be another main event run at some point. I know he has talked about wanting to feud with Bray Wyatt with Jeff bringing out one of his unique characters, so that’s something to look forward to.

As for the “No More Words” song, I know Jeff talked about it on the WWE Backstage show in the past as well. I agree with him that it’s better as a singles song. If you have forgotten the song, you can listen to it below.