Jake Roberts Explains Advice He Gave Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson

Jake Roberts has recalled the advice he gave to Bryan Danielson when the American Dragon was fired from WWE in 2010.

Back in 2010, Bryan Danielson – then known as Daniel Bryan – was involved in the Nexus invasion of WWE Raw. During the infamous segment, the group of NXT rookies laid waste to everyone and everything in sight.

As the chaos unfolded, Danielson choked then-announcer Justin Roberts with his own tie. This proved to be a step too far as the future World Champion was let go from the company, with the move being deemed too violent for WWE’s PG product.

Danielson returned to the company a few months later at that year’s SummerSlam. On the show, he joined John Cena’s team to defeat the Nexus in the main event. Now, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts has spoken about the advice he gave the star when he was released.

During the latest edition of his DDP Snake Pit podcast, Roberts revealed a conversation he had with Bryan Danielson at that time, saying he was sure WWE would bring him back.

“So I talked to him, I said, ‘brother, don’t worry about it because you got one thing they can’t give away, talent’. Just be cool right now, go over and do something else it doesn’t matter. Just stay cool. Your hands have been slapped, that’s what’s gonna happen. They’re gonna get you back, don’t worry, you got too much talent to be stopped and boom, a few, I guess six, seven months later, he was back.”

Bryan Danielson went on to become a hugely popular star in WWE and captured World Championships gold seven times. In 2021, he sent shockwaves through the wrestling world when he made the jump to AEW, making his debut at All Out.

H/T to Sportskeeda for the above transcription.