Hulk Hogan Names The Wrestler Who Was The Catalyst For Stone Cold And The Rock

Hulk Hogan Names The Wrestler Who Was The Catalyst For Stone Cold And The Rock

Hulk Hogan expressed his opinion on the “biggest and greatest Superstar this business has ever known,” and his answer was the first-ever WWE Hall of Famer, Andre the Giant.

In an interview on WWE Network, Hulk Hogan showered Andre the Giant with praise, acknowledging him as the catalyst who paved the way for wrestling legends like himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock to achieve greatness. According to Hogan, Andre’s larger-than-life persona and immense presence were unmatched, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Andre was a superstar. He was the biggest and greatest superstar this business has ever known and ever will know. I mean, he was Andre the Giant. He’s the one that laid the groundwork for Hulk Hogan. For Stone Cold Steve Austin for the rock for anybody else who walks through the doors of the WWE Universe. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Andre the Giant.

Hogan also spoke about his personal friendship with Andre, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to know him on a deeper level. He highlighted the challenges Andre faced due to his physical condition, including hurtful comments and mistreatment from others. Despite these obstacles, Andre remained a gentle and compassionate soul.

Acknowledging the impact of Andre’s kindness, Hogan emphasised the profound effect it had on their friendship and the wrestling community as a whole. Hogan spoke about Andre’s struggles with everyday tasks, such as fitting into aeroplane seats and using regular utensils, and marvelled at his ability to show such compassion despite never truly being comfortable.

If you could imagine a little Barbie doll house, every chair, you sat in every bed you tried to lay in for Andre to grab a normal fork, it was like a toothpick in his hand and for this man to have so much compassion and to never be comfortable.

Was Hulk Hogan A Fan Of Andre The Giant?

Hulk Hogan reminisced about watching Andre the Giant in awe as a fan, marvelling at his ability to lean effortlessly over the top rope with his massive frame and towering stature captivating audiences worldwide.

I remember when I was a fan, I used to watch him and he would just put his hand on the top rope and lean over the top rope when he was in his prime.

Hogan concluded the interview by asserting that there will never be another Andre the Giant.

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