WWE Star Warns Fans Of Invasion Of Privacy

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A current WWE star has issued a warning to fans using his home address.

In recent months, the issue of fans invading the privacy of WWE stars has come to the fore. One of the most widely shared incidents saw Rhea Ripley being harassed for autographs at an airport by ‘fans’ looking to get multiple items signed with the likely intention of selling on.

Now, Bronson Reed has gone public with his own plea for fans to stop sending him mail at his home address. Taking to social media, the star stated he would not respond to anything received there as he finds it to be an invasion of his privacy. Instead, he directed people to send anything to either the WWE HQ or the Performance Centre.

“Sending fan mail to my home address is a big NO NO.

I will not respond, and I find it an invasion of privacy.

My home is for my family! Send fan mail to WWE headquarters or to the PC.”

Bronson Reed Vows That He Will Never Miss WWE WrestleMania Again

Although being presented as a force to be reckoned with since his return to WWE in December 2022, Reed has struggled to turn his power and aggression into results.

The most recent demonstration of this was his absence from WrestleMania 40, which marked the second time he has been left off the card since re-signing with the company. However, Bronson Reed has claimed he will never miss WrestleMania again, saying he’s “too F**KIN good” to be benched for the annual spectacular.