Ex-WWE Champion Pulled From Shows

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Drew McIntyre is set to miss multiple upcoming events.

After coming right up to the line, Drew McIntyre has finally signed a new contract with WWE. With the new deal, the promotion has secured The Scottish Warrior’s services for the next three years and he is said to be getting “big money” to stay.

Despite the new deal, it looks like fans will be seeing less of the star for the time being. On April 20th it was revealed that Drew McIntyre is dealing with a badly hyperextended elbow, which he suffered during his match with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 40.

Now, the Wrestling Observer Daily Update has reported that the injury means McIntyre has been pulled from house shows, however, he will still be appearing on TV. This means he will keep the promise he made to fans to “keep pushing through” since he’s not “a pathetic coward” like his current rival CM Punk, although just like Punk it seems he will have limited physicality when he does appear on TV.

The Rock Celebrates Drew McIntyre’s New WWE Deal With Unique Gift

The Rock broke the news of Drew McIntyre’s new contract in a video on social media. the clip saw McIntyre being presented with a new claymore courtesy of The Great One himself. The former WWE Champion accepted the gift and told Rock he was a “man of his word.”

The Rock responded with a caption explaining he knew what the sword meant to the star as it “represents everything that he, his family, and his country embody.”