The Rock Gives Drew McIntyre Stunning Gift To Celebrate New WWE Deal

The Rock on WWE SmackDown

The Rock had a special gift for Drew McIntyre.

After months of speculation, Drew McIntyre has finally signed a new deal. The former World Champion would have become a free agent at the end of May and had been one of several big stars with an uncertain future.

However, with a deal signed, sealed, and delivered, McIntyre can now look to the future and a potential match with CM Punk.

The Rock broke news of McIntyre’s new contract on Instagram. In a short video, the former World Champion is presented with a Claymore (Scottish sword).

Man of my word –️ ————–

As you’re a man of yours – Congratulations @dmcintyrewwe on signing your new @wwe deal.

As we talked about after your #WrestleMania match, I know this Scottish Claymore represents everything that you, your family and your country embody.

Alba gu bràth –️

As you know, I wanted to personally hand deliver this gift to you at your meeting with Nick Kahn, but I had warm cheat meals and chilled tequila waiting for me –️—-

Congrats again brother and cheers to hunger, passion, climbing that mountain and always entertaining our fans.

– Final Boss

It’s since been reported that Drew McIntyre has signed a “big-money” deal believed to be for three years.

The Rock Ends WWE’s PG Era

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that The Rock’s return to WWE signaled the end of the “PG era.”

Rock repeatedly swore on television, delivered a series of X-rated promos on social media, and beat Cody Rhodes so badly in one segment that he bled heavily. All of the above have been hugely discouraged in the PG era, but the sports entertainment giant is now moving into a bold new future.