WWE Did Not Book Major Raw Segment

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WWE Raw took place in Kansas City with night two of the draft dominating the show but one segment took place that the company didn’t book.

NFL and Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes appeared on Raw as he took in the action from ringside. Mahomes got involved by giving Logan Paul his Super Bowl rings to use as a weapon as Paul took aim at Jey Uso. Paul had got involved in the issues between Uso and The Judgment Day before Jey Uso challenges Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash.

However, Logan Paul’s plan went awry as instead of nailing Jey Uso, he instead accidentally took out JD McDonagh with his loaded fist.

Patrick Mahomes Segment Not Booked By WWE

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the issue of Patrick Mahomes working with the heel Logan Paul in a city where Mahomes is beloved. However, it seems this wasn’t WWE’s idea and instead came from a sponsor very close to both Paul and Mahomes:

WWE did not book this segment. It was a sponsored segment, that’s why Patrick Mahomes was there because Patrick Mahomes is part of the Prime energy drink that Logan Paul is part of. So they basically sponsored the segment and they wanted Logan Paul and Patrick Mahomes to work together in an angle. T

hat’s why – everyone’s going why would Patrick Mahomes be booked as a heel in Kansas City? WWE is so incredibly stupid. But in fact, it was not WWE that was stupid, it was something that the sponsors basically put together.

Whether or not this is indicative of WWE’s desire to open their show up to sponsors to have more creative input remains to be seen.

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