The WWE Finisher The Undertaker Says Was Fun To Take

The Undertaker

The Undertaker doled out more than his fair share of punishment during his WWE career, but which one move did he not mind taking from his opponents?

Speaking on a Q and A exclusive on his Patreon, The Undertaker paid tribute to Randy Orton as he says the three most devastating letters in WWE was a move that he enjoyed taking – as much as anyone can enjoy landing face first on the ground:

When I was still moving really well it was fun kind of taking the RKO. You could actually really make that — Randy was always smooth as silk with it but if your timing was right, you could really lay out well for it and — it wasn’t too terrible on the body to take.

The Undertaker Has History With Randy Orton

The Undertaker clashed with Randy Orton several times during their illustrious careers with their 2005 rivalry a highlight for both stars. The Undertaker added Orton to his legendary Streak at WrestleMania 21 before Orton pulled out a huge win over The Phenom at SummerSlam later that year.

The two men continued their feud all the way into Armageddon in December 2005 when The Deadman defeated Orton inside Hell In A Cell.

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