Heath & Rhino Become New IMPACT Tag Team Champions


And new IMPACT Tag Team Champions! Heath and Rhino!

Before October 20, 2022’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett) held the crown atop the promotion’s tag team division being the IMPACT Tag Team Champions. However, that all changed on Thursday night.

Right off of the bat, it would be Heath and Rhino dominating the match, which would eventually lead to chaos with the bout spreading outside of the ring. Rhino, a fan favorite with the IMPACT audience, was punishing The Kingdom throughout, and then when Heath made the tag, it would be the same story.

However, The Kingdom would eventually bounce back, getting a move on Rhino’s left knee — the same knee he had surgery on, and would get attacks in as the referee was distracted. From there, The Kingdom took control, landing blow by blow to Rhino and Heath, with the crowd behind the latter.

Despite The Kingdom taking back the match, they couldn’t keep Rhino down, kicking out from every pin that he was placed in. Eventually to fan chants of “you suck” towards The Kingdom, Heath and Rhino would eventually get back on top of things, with Heath getting tagged in and once again unleashing his force. Health would nearly get a pinfall win himself, but it would end up getting interrupted.

The Kingdom fought back, hitting Heath and Rhino with flips, once again getting pinfalls on their opponents, this time Heath, but like Rhino, he also kicked out. At one point in the match, insanity would break out, with everyone knocked out at one point in both the ring and outside.

Near the end of the match, Honor No More came out with the referee once again being distracted. Rhino would make a move on Maria Kanellis-Bennett and launched an attack on her. Later, Kanellis-Bennett would try to get revenge and hit Rhino in the face with powder, but instead, she ended up hitting her husband Mike Bennett in the face with it.

Following the mishap from Kanellis-Bennett, Heath and Rhino would take advantage, landing the knockout blow on The Kingdom to become the new IMPACT Tag Team Champions.