Former Producer Confirms WWE Return

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As certain former WWE Superstars begin making their way back into the company, an ex-WWE producer is now back on the company payroll.

With the appointment of Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque as the new WWE Head of Creative and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, he brought back several ex-stars to the company. Among them were Johnny Gargano, Karrion Kross and Scarlett, and Dakota Kai, but now it appears a producer has also made their way back.

Speaking on the latest Oh…You Didn’t Know? podcast, co-hosts Road Dogg and Ryan Katz discussed the latter’s imminent return to the company in a backstage position:

[Dogg] “I guess people figured out by now, you’re returning to World Wrestling Entertainment and kind of taking over your exact previous job. Talk to me a little about what that job is before I let you go.”

[Katz] “It’s going to be interesting because I’m still trying to figure out if that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

[Dogg[ “Did you get a title or a billet or anything?”

[Katz] “Nothing is kind of official.”

[Dogg] “Have you started yet, at least?”

[Katz] “I was supposed to start on Thursday [1 September], but it’s been pushed. We’ll see what happens. If people are wondering why I don’t respond to the questions or the stories out there, it’s because I’m still waiting to find out if it’s true too.”

[Dogg] “The job you did before, I don’t know if you had a billet or a title, but you wore a ton of hats. I knew for a fact, when the regime changed, they’d have you back. The people who run the Performance Center valued you.”

Ryan Katz was let go from his WWE role during the company’s round of backstage cutbacks this past January, being cut at the same time as Road Dogg. The former New Age Outlaws man was already confirmed to have returned backstage, replacing Jeff Jarrett as the Vice President of Live Events.

It’s unknown what role, exactly, Ryan Katz will take up. He’d been an integral member of the NXT creative team prior to his release.

H/T to Fightful.