Ex-WWE Referee Criticises The Elite’s Jabs At CM Punk

The Elite in silhouette

A former WWE referee has taken issue with The Elite’s actions on Dynamite, saying fans were left talking about the wrong thing after their match.

Dynamite in Chicago was going to prove an interesting test for The Elite as they returned to CM Punk’s hometown for the first time since their alleged backstage fight following the All Out pay-per-view in early September.

The crowd audibly booed the group and chanted for CM Punk during their entrance, but The Elite had more up their sleeve during their best-of-seven series bout with Death Triangle. During the match, Kenny Omega used CM Punk’s Go To Sleep taunt before hitting PAC with the move. In reference to Ace Steel supposedly biting Omega during the fight, Omega was also seen biting the former All-Atlantic Champion.

In a rant posted on social media, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas thinks The Elite’s shots at CM Punk overshadowed the key message of the match:

“Back to Wednesday night, I get it, it happens all the time. When there are personal things that go on backstage and guys take it out into the ring and have a little fun and play a little gaga, in the trios match for example.”

“You had The Elite versus Death Triangle and The Elite guys especially Kenny Omega doing little things to take jabs at CM Punk. I don’t have to explain what they were, you know exactly what they were.”

“It pops that crowd that is into that sort of thing, but at the same time, what are people talking about after the match? Not what they’re supposed to be talking about, which was Fenix using the hammer for Death Triangle to go up two-nothing in their best-of-seven series. That’s what people should be talking about, not about all the haha and gaga that was going on taking the jabs at CM Punk.”

The Elite and Death Triangle will face off once again in match three of their best-of-seven series on the 30th of November edition of AEW Dynamite.

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