Erick Rowan Explains His Theory On Why WWE Split Him And Daniel Bryan Up

Erick Rowan

Erick Rowan believes he knows why WWE split him and Daniel Bryan up.

Currently going by the name of Erick Redbeard, former WWE Superstar Erick Rowan had multiple stints in World Wrestling Entertainment. The two biggest runs of his career to most was his run with the Wyatt Family, and his time as Daniel Bryan’s enforcer, which would see Bryan as WWE Champion.

Recently on NBC Sports Boston in an interview with Steve Fall, Erick Rowan spoke about his experience working with Bryan, and why believed WWE split the duo up.

“The idea of us together was great. Getting broken apart was even better, because it allowed me a chance to start to tell my story, outside of being just ‘sheep man. I think after I switched brands, and the cage thing, they just didn’t have any idea. After the original thing fell through, they just didn’t know what to do with me.”

Rowan went on to share his thoughts on the difficulties of booking a big man like himself. “It’s what happens when you have a six-foot-eight, 300-plus pound man,” he continued. “If you don’t have a plan for him, you know, somebody’s gotta eat pinfalls. Unfortunately, guys like me will lose a lot more credibility the more we lose [compared to] guys half our size. And that’s just optics.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.