Erick Rowan Addresses Possible Return To WWE

Erick Rowan

Known as Erick Rowan in WWE, Erick Redbeard recently addressed a possible return to World Wrestling Entertainment, saying that he’d be interested in telling his story.

Rowan would be a WWE Superstar for multiple years, beginning in 2011 when he agreed to a development contract with the promotion, eventually moving up in 2013 to the main roster. While at WWE, Erick Rowan was a member of Bray Wyatt’s faction known at the time as the Wyatt Family, with Luke Harper being the third wrestler featured. Later, Rowan and Harper would form into a tag team. Rowan also had a stint as the tag team partner of Daniel Bryan.

Making an appearance on NBC Sports Boston for an interview with Steve Fall, Erick Rowan was questioned about a possible comeback to WWE, and whether or not there was a chance for him to do so.

Rowan responded:

“There’s always opportunity, and my story within wrestling and that character of Erick Rowan or Erick Redbeard, it has so much left to tell. I think when I stepped aside when COVID happened and people were let go, I wasn’t ready for my story to stop on that [note]. But it’s been a couple of years. I’ve stepped my toes into over avenues of entertainment, which I’ve fell in love with. But wrestling has always given me, I don’t know, I’ve been lucky enough where I’ve been able to do some bigger arena shows with AEW and get that taste of the crowd.

But I haven’t had a story. I haven’t told a story of what’s happened to me since I’ve stepped away from wrestling. To me, I’d love to tell that story on some sort of stage because I think it could be very interesting to see what’s happened to me. I love the continuality [sic] within wrestling. The last time anybody saw me, I had a pet spider that died, so I’d like to talk about my years of recluse, wandering the earth, finding reason and purpose for life without my precious spider [laughs].”

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