Eric Bischoff Says CM Punk’s Actions “Unforgivable”

CM Punk

Former WCW boss Eric Bischoff has explained why he found CM Punk’s post-All Out actions to be “unforgivable” and it has nothing to do with getting physical in the locker room.

At All Out, CM Punk won the AEW World Championship for the second time in his career only to be confronted by a returning MJF. However, the headlines were written about what happened after the show went off the air.

At the post-show press conference, CM Punk had several things on his mind as he launched into an all-out verbal attack against the likes of The Young Bucks, Adam Page, and Colt Cabana. All of this took place while Punk was sitting next to AEW boss Tony Khan.

Following that, all hell broke loose as The Bucks confronted Punk leading to a serious, physical altercation. Everyone involved has since been suspended by the company.

Now, speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff has explained what he found so unpalatable about CM Punk’s behaviour:

“The worst of what happened in that media circus was the level to which [Punk] … went to humiliate Tony Khan. He eviscerated him. First, he cut his balls off, made him look like a complete tool, and then when that wasn’t enough, and he had more time to just ramble on, I think he humiliated Tony Khan. Now, I’ve said some things about Tony … that aren’t flattering, but I’m not taking millions of dollars from him while I’m doing it!”

“I wouldn’t give two sh*ts about the fight. The fight’s not a big deal, but I think the way [Punk] humiliated Tony, that was unforgivable. And I never had anything like that happen to me.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.