D-Von Dudley Addresses Rumored “Heat” With Bubba Ray

d-von Dudley Boyz

Breaking his silence, D-Von Dudley has decided to speak on his current relationship and past rumored heat with Bubba Ray Dudley, his partner that helped him make up the legendary Dudley Boyz.

The verdict: The kayfabe half-brothers are still on good terms.

Last year after D-Von Dudley revealed that he and Bubba Ray – also known as Bully Ray – “no longer did business,” rumors started to swirl that the Dudley Boyz fell out and had real life heat.

Having the opportunity to speak on the matter, D-Von put the rumors through a table, saying there was never any beef between the two. The only reason the two were considered split was because they decided to take a break from one another after being together for over 20 years, this to pursue different individual ventures.

No matter what promotion the WWE Hall of Famers were in, they won championship belts, and over that time together, D-Von said that he and Bubba spent more time together than they did with anyone else in their lives.

Currently a producer for WWE, D-Von Dudley appeared on The A2theK Wrestling Show to explain why the Dudley Boyz broke away for a short time.

“Actually, we just spoke yesterday about another autograph signing we’re going to do together. A lot of people thought that me and Bubba were at odds, and we weren’t at odds. It was just that he and I needed a break. He and I were together for 20 years. I saw him more than I saw my first two wives, which wasn’t a bad idea, trust me! Sometimes, you just need a break. And that’s what we did. We took a break, and now we’re reunited again.”

With the Dudleyz now back together, loads of autograph-signing events and wrestling conventions are now on the agenda. Not only that, but they’re also joining forces against Matt Cardona after the latest heat between him and Bully Ray.

D-Von said he’d even be willing to get back into the ring representing the Dudley Boyz, but he isn’t “taking any bumps.”

“If I have to be on the outside walking him down the aisle, help him throw a punch here and there, I can. I can do that. I’ve told the promoters who were bringing us to do this stuff. Bubba would be the main guy wrestling in the ring, and I’d be the one on the outside tripping and doing everything D-Von can do on the outside. And if I’ve got to get into the ring, I’ll get into the ring, but I’m not taking any bumps.”

Despite admitting that he once needed a break from the legendary tag team, D-Von said he was itching at the finger to get back with his storyline brother, and he also made a promise to the fans: He’s bringing their best to the table. Now it’s just a matter if someone will go through it. (We couldn’t resist another table joke.)

“It’s like Kiss putting up the make-up again and going back on stage again. We’re going to do all the hits that you want to do, but we’re going to do it from an autograph signing standpoint.”

H/T to Sportskeeda for the above transcription.