Road Dogg Recalls Daniel Bryan-The Miz Feud In 2018 “They Were Magic Together”

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When Daniel Bryan feuded with The Miz in WWE in 2018, former WWE writer Road Dogg believed they were “magic” when they worked together.

There was a long term rivalry in the 2010s WWE involving The Miz and Daniel Bryan, who wrestling fans know as Bryan Danielson in AEW currently. It started all the way back in 2010 when The Miz was Bryan’s NXT coach in 2010 when the company started that new show. That infuriated a lot of fans because Bryan had more experience as a wrestler than The Miz at that point.

In 2016 when Bryan was inactive as a wrestler due to injuries, he was the General Manager on Smackdown while The Miz was the Intercontinental Champion. They had an infamous moment on the Talking Smack show

Right before WrestleMania 34 in 2018, Bryan was cleared to wrestle again. It didn’t take long for WWE to put him in a rivalry with The Miz leading to several match. The Miz beat Bryan at SummerSlam due to an assist from Maryse, so that led to Miz & Maryse beating Bryan & wife Brie Bella at Hell in a Cell 2018. Bryan got the decisive win at the Super Show-Down PPV in October for a WWE Title shot, which would lead to Bryan winning the WWE Title.

Road Dogg Really Enjoyed The Miz-Daniel Bryan Rivalry

The WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg is a former Smackdown head writer who was heavily involved in putting together the Bryan-Miz rivalry. While speaking about SummerSlam 2018 on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast recently, Road Dogg praised Miz and Bryan for their work during the feud.

“These two workers are totally different and it’s almost like the smart fan and the casual fan. Like the casual fan would think Miz is a huge star, and be like, ‘Who’s that other little guy that looks like he’s homeless.” But the Internet fan knows who Daniel Bryan is. So, you just go like ‘Okay, I think that’s an interesting dichotomy.’ I love Miz because Miz doesn’t mind playing the antithesis to that guy.”

“Those guys are magic when you put them together. They respected each other, and they treated each other with respect. It’s so much better for the television show if we can work together because I’ll tell you what’s not pretty — when you don’t work together.”

Currently, Bryan Danielson is out of action in AEW while The Miz is set for a singles match against LA Knight at Payback this Saturday in Pittsburgh.

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In the same episode, Dogg believes that fans should not have cheered Becky Lynch at the pay-per-view.