Rumors About Nick Khan’s WWE Future Shot Down By Top Star

nick khan wwe ceo talk

Nick Khan isn’t going anywhere according to what sources told a big name in the WWE family.

As the WWE President, Nick Khan has had an impressive run in the company over the last four years. Many people credit Khan as a driving force behind World Wrestling Entertainment achieving a lot of success over the last year following the ouster of former Chairman Vince McMahon.

While Vince McMahon continues to sell WWE stock due to the company wanting him to move on, there was a report recently about Khan also selling his stock as well.

It was revealed on April 12th that WWE President Nick Khan put all of his stock shares on sale at the same time that McMahon did. This information led to a lot of rumors about the current WWE President potentially leaving the company perhaps due to the Vince McMahon sexual harassment lawsuit although there were no reports officially about Khan moving on from WWE.

Pat McAfee Claims Nick Khan WWE Rumors Are Bulls**t

The WWE Raw announcer Pat McAfee hosts the popular Pat McAfee Show every weekday with many sports guests on the show and sometimes even people from WWE as well. During an appearance by former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, McAfee cleared the air about the Nick Khan rumors.

“You mentioned a few times there, Nick Khan. There were some internet rumors about him too, selling stock and shares and everything like that. I, after talking to sources, can report some breaking news.”

“That’s not true. [He] has never sold a single share of any stock since getting to the WWE. Hasn’t even put them up for sale, which is an entire process to do that. So that was a bunch of bulls**t as well. So when you’re talking about the WWE climbing, I love that you’re gonna be around, and I love that Nick Khan is gonna be around.”

Nick Khan mostly keeps a low profile, but he did appear at the end of WrestleMania 40 when he was seen hugging Cody Rhodes at ringside after Cody won the WWE Championship for the first time.

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