Vince McMahon Told To Resign From WWE By TKO Bosses

Vince McMahon Ari Emanuel WWE TKO Group

Vince McMahon is facing the fight of his life for his reputation but it seems his partners at Endeavor and TKO are all about what’s best for business.

Vince McMahon has been accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking with several sordid accusations made against the former WWE Chairman. As a result of the situation, Slim Jim threatened to pull out of its sponsorship for the Royal Rumble, and within hours of that Vince McMahon was gone.

Vince McMahon has resigned as Executive Chairman of TKO meaning that his time in WWE now looks to be at a permanent end. McMahon had briefly retired in July 2022 when allegations first came to light but managed to use his position as majority shareholder of WWE to force his way back into power in early 2023.

With Endeavor now owning WWE, McMahon does not have that leverage which means there is likely no way back for the 78-year-old whatever happens next.

Vince McMahon Told To Go From TKO

The Hollywood Reporter has now shed more light on McMahon’s departure. It is reported that Endeavor boss Ari Emanuel and TKO President & COO Mark Shapiro called McMahon on January 26th and told him that it was in the company’s best interests for him to resign which he then did.

The lawsuit filed against McMahon is calling for a jury trial and if that happens, even more lurid details could become public regarding his conduct.

Vince McMahon has called the filing “replete with lies” and even in his resignation statement vowed to clear his name.