The Rock Behind New “Who Killed WCW?” Series

The Rock

Once upon a time, there were two wrestling companies seeking ratings, success, and notoriety while taking shots at one another almost constantly – sound familiar?

However, long before anyone was ever All Elite, WCW was WWE’s big rival and came closer than anyone ever has to dominating the wrestling landscape during the famed Monday Night Wars. But WCW’s success was a crash-and-burn story for as quickly as they made it to the top with the likes of the NWO and Goldberg, things began to fall apart in 1999 and by March 2001, the doors were closed forever.

Vince McMahon famously bought his competition, ending the Monday Night Wars once and for all which led to the ill-fated Invasion storyline that dominated WWE throughout 2001.

For decades now, a debate has raged, books have been written as the demise of WCW has been looked at from every possible angle, but now there’s going to be one more look thanks to one of the stars that ensured WWE’s dominance in the Attitude Era – The Rock.

The Rock Executive Producer On New WCW Documentary

The team behind the Dark Side of the Ring documentary series revealed on social media that they’re working with The Rock and Seven Bucks Productions on a four-part documentary series titled “Who Killed WCW?” The series will premiere on Tuesday, June 4th at 10 pm on VICE.

WWE has been forced to defend The Rock after stories did the rounds suggesting his conduct was less than professional at WrestleMania.