Road Dogg Says Fans Were Wrong To Cheer Becky Lynch After Charlotte Flair Attack

Road Dogg Becky lynch

Road Dogg believes that fans made the wrong choice at SummerSlam 2018.

The pay-per-view saw the start of Becky Lynch’s run as The Man, arguably the most popular incarnation of Lynch and what propelled her to the main event of WrestleMania.

The genesis came after a championship match between Carmella, Lynch and Charlotte Flair, with The Queen walking out as the new champion. After the match, Lynch turned heel and attacked her best friend, but fans reacted the opposite way and cheered the assault.

Former SmackDown creative team member Road Dogg was asked about this on the Oh You Didn’t Know podcast. The Hall of Famer believes that poor sportsmanship is not something that should be applauded:

“The idea was that Charlotte came in and weaseled her way in and won the title, and kind of stole it from [Becky]. Becky had a title match. So, why — and that’s just where maybe I’m older and I don’t understand, but you don’t just get handed crap around here. So to me, the whole thing was, I thought the fans were wrong.

You’re cheering the wrong person here because — what if the Bad News Bears were shaking hands with the team, or whoever, your baseball-playing son is shaking hands saying, good game, good game or your softball-playing daughter, good game, good game and the team that loses just beats the crap out of the person. Do you pop for that, or do you go, ‘Oh my god, what are you doing? That’s horrible sportsmanship.’ That’s what Becky did, and people loved it. It let me know then, like, oh okay. There’s no goodness left at all [laughs]. It’s all Twitter, the world is Twitter. The world is Twitter now.”

Road Dogg Questions Becky Lynch’s Motives

Why did Lynch strike her former best friend after the match? On the following episode of SmackDown, The Man explained that Flair was simply holding her back and did not care about her, only the championship. Flair was inserted into the SummerSlam match after defeating Carmella in a match on SmackDown, adding her into the already confirmed singles match to the annoyance of Lynch.

With the creative team member still disagreeing with the motives and the reactions, what it did for Lynch’s career can’t be overlooked. The new badass persona and social media insults turned Lynch into arguably the most popular star in the company, setting up the dream showdown with Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. While a misplaced right hand from Nia Jax would cause a bloody Lynch to be removed from the match, the popularity would only rise and culminate in The Man evolving into Becky Two Belts.

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