WWE Star Fined $20,000

Triple H WWE cash

One WWE star’s pocket is five figures lighter after they were fined $20,000 after they made their mark in bizarre fashion on NXT.

On the 7th of May edition of NXT, Charlie Dempsey and Myles Borne competed in what should have been a straightforward tag team match against Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe. However, nothing is straightforward when you get involved with The Family.

The referee for the match was “unavailable” and it was announced that Stacks Lorenzo would take over officiating duties. As a result, Lorenzo gave a fast count for Dupont and Igwe, giving them a huge win.

The issues between The Family and the No Quarter Catch Crew continued at the end of the show as Tony D’Angelo’s crew was seen attacking members of Dempsey’s group in the back of their car before they sped off. Charlie Dempsey emerged from the building as the car left, looking confused.

WWE General Manager Lays Down The Law On NXT

As a result, on the 14th of May edition of NXT, General Manager Ava informed Tony D’Angelo that he was being fined $20,000 for the chaos. However, D’Angelo didn’t even blink at the sanction and offered to pay cash.

Deals between the NQCC and The Family kicked off when Dempsey’s group apparently asked The Family to get rid of Drew Gulak. Gulak’s WWE contract was not renewed after an allegation of inappropriate behaviour was made against him by Ronda Rousey.