AEW Star Explains Why He Apologized To Tony Khan

Tony Khan AEW

A controversial AEW wrestler has explained why there was a time when he had to apologize to AEW’s boss Tony Khan due to what was said in a promo.

There was a time when Max Caster of The Acclaimed got a lot of heat for a promo he did. Caster was suspended by AEW in August 2021 due to one of his controversial raps.

When Caster does an entrance on AEW television, he is known for rapping about whatever is on his mind and oftentimes chooses something from pop culture. However, Caster crossed the line on one occasion when he rapped about Simone Biles’ mental health, Duke Lacrosse rape allegations, and fake PCR tests among other things.

This led AEW’s Owner, CEO & General Manager Tony Khan to say that what Caster did was terrible.

“Last night on Dark, Max Caster’s rap was terrible. I was not out there in the moment when he did it, it was not during Dynamite, I was out back when Max had said this rap. I had not heard it until last night, truthfully. In the editing process, it should have been caught. We deleted the episode and re-posted it with that edited out but it shouldn’t have aired and I put such tight controls on Dynamite and this would never have happened there because Max’s raps I have always gone over them with him and frankly, every segment on Dynamite I don’t write or script wrestler’s promos but the bullet points I give.”

Tony Khan would go on to say he would edit AEW Dark himself at that point, but that show no longer exists.

Max Caster Apologized To Tony Khan For What He Said

During a recent appearance on the Chris Van Vliet podcast, Max Caster said that he apologized to Tony Khan as well as his tag team partner Anthony Bowens.

“Things got really, really touchy when the network starts calling and that’s what really did me in. Something had to be done and I agree with that, I’m cool with that, I only apologized to Tony [Khan] and Anthony Bowens and they both appreciated that and accepted that and we moved forward.”

As an AEW wrestler, Max Caster has done well for himself as a former Tag Team Champion with Anthony Bowens as The Acclaimed. They are also former AEW Trios Tag Team Champions with Billy Gunn as well.

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