Chris Jericho Needs Medical Attention After AEW Assault

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho was left bleeding his own blood on AEW Dynamite as former FTW Champion HOOK got a measure of revenge.

Chris Jericho captured the FTW Championship from HOOK at Dynasty after the young star refused to sit under Jericho’s Learning Tree.

On Dynamite in Everett, Washington, HOOK returned to TV to challenge Jericho to a rematch for the gold but the champion refused, claiming HOOK still had a lot to learn. That led to HOOK nailing Chris Jericho with a microphone starting a brawl. Jericho’s followed Big Bill intervened but the 7-foot tall star and Jericho were chased off when Katsuyori Shibata ran to HOOK’s aid.

As Chris Jericho and Big Bill made their way back up the ramp, it became clear that Jericho had been busted open after the mic shot.

Chris Jericho To “Gladly” Get Stitches

Speaking in a digital exclusive, Chris Jericho revealed he’d need stitches for his wound as he continued to mock HOOK:

Wow. HOOK, I can tell that I caught a nerve when you hit me with that microphone and made me bleed my own blood. HOOK, I can’t even be mad about this because it tells me that you’re learning. It tells me that you’re learning what it takes for you to become a champion again because you were the For The World Champion. Maybe someday you will [be] again.

It’s gonna be a while, though, because you’re still learning. I’m glad you’re in the Jericho Vortex. I’m glad that you hit me hard enough to bleed. It really hurts, HOOK. But you know what? It also really makes me proud. This is serious business. It’s what The Learning Tree is here for HOOK to make you a better person and a better wrestler, both inside the ring and out.

So I’m gonna need a few stitches, and I’m gonna get them gladly because it shows that you’re learning the lessons that The Learning Tree is trying to teach you. So HOOK, in a round about way, I want to thank you. Good luck in your qualifying match this week on Collision. I hope you win. Ugh, it hurts. It smarts!

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