Charlotte Flair On Future Plans – “I’d Love To Star In A Movie”

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair has done it all in WWE and she also has an interest in conquering Hollywood as well.

When it comes to performing in WWE, there is no woman who has more “World” Championships than Charlotte Flair. The athletic blonde known as The Queen has won 14 Women’s Titles in her career. She has plans of passing the 16-title reign record held by her father Ric Flair and WWE Legend John Cena with Charlotte matter-of-factly saying recently “I’m breaking the record.”

During an interview with Superstar Crossover, Charlotte Flair admitted she would love to star in a movie some day.

“I’m hoping something happens, but I don’t know what that looks like. I’d love to star in a movie. A series. During my off time, I did have the opportunity to become a global ambassador for Smile Train. So, it’s been really rewarding working with the community on my off time. So I don’t know. It’s just whatever happens next.”

On last week’s August 18th edition of Smackdown, Flair teamed up with Bianca Belair for a tag team victory over Bayley & IYO SKY as Flair hopes to get another shot at the WWE Women’s Title, which is held by SKY.

Charlotte Flair Has Been Linked to Acting Roles

At one point earlier this year, Charlotte Flair was going to play June Byers in a movie about Mildred Burke, but it didn’t happen. They put NWA’s Kamille in the role.

It was over two years ago in March 2021 when it was announced that Charlotte Flair was going to star in a USA Network television series based on the movie Walking Tall (which starred The Rock). There was talk of it being a two-hour movie with hopes of it becoming a series, but it hasn’t happened yet, nor does it appear to be likely any time soon.