Charlotte Flair – “I’m Breaking The Record”

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair hasn’t always liked talking about breaking a certain WWE record, but now she’s ready to speak up about it.

When it comes to winning championships among women’s wrestlers in WWE, there is Charlotte Flair in first place and then there’s everybody else well below her.

During her eight years on the WWE main roster, Charlotte Flair has amassed an incredible 14 Women’s Title reigns on the main roster. There are actually two more title reigns if you count NXT, but the recognized number is 14.

The significance of 14 Women’s Title reigns in WWE is because her legendary father Ric Flair has 16 recognized World Titles in his career between his NWA, WCW & WWE title wins while John Cena also won 16 WWE World Titles in his 20+ year career.

Considering Charlotte Flair is always in the title picture on Smackdown (or Raw when she’s on that brand), a lot of fans think she will get to 17 “World” Title reigns before anybody else in the company.

Charlotte Flair Plans To Break WWE’s “World” Title Record

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Charlotte admitted that she didn’t always like talking about the “World” Title record, but she’s more open to discussing it now.

“I’m breaking the record. I’m so close. For so long, I stayed away from discussing it. But I’ve done every single thing there is to do, and this is my next goal. I want to keep getting better and see where I can take this character.”

Another incredible stat regarding Charlotte Flair is that she’s competed at seven WrestleManias and in all of them, she was either the champion or the challenger to a title.

“That wasn’t a goal, it just happened along the way. I’m betting on myself being the champion or challenger. Brock Lesnar is the only other person to do that.”

On last night’s WWE Smackdown, Charlotte Flair picked up another win as she teamed with Bianca Belair to beat WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY & Bayley in tag team action. Later in the show. SKY & Bayley attacked Belair with a steel chair attack, so that could open the door for Charlotte to get another title shot.