Jake Roberts Says Childhood Trauma “Helped” His Career

Jake Roberts

In an interview on “Dark Side of the Ring: Unheard,” Jake Roberts candidly discussed how his childhood trauma profoundly shaped his career in professional wrestling.

[Trigger warning: The following article contains distressing details]

Reflecting on his dark past, Roberts shared insights into how his challenging upbringing, marked by instances of sexual abuse and familial instability, influenced his ability to embody his character with such eerie realism.

He attributed his early experiences to learning the art of survival, cultivating the skills of deception and astute perception, which ultimately contributed to the authenticity and believability of his on-screen persona. Speaking on Dark Side Of The Ring Unheard, Jake Roberts explained how his childhood trauma shaped his career.

“I was a kid that went through a lot of bad stuff growing up. Being sexually abused and stuff and being tossed from family to family. A kid that goes through that learns to lie, learns to read people, learns to say the right thing at the right time because it’s survival. And I think that helped me become what I was and helped me make it believable because I spent my whole life doing it.”

This candid revelation sheds light on the profound impact of personal adversity on his remarkable career in professional wrestling.

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During an open and unreserved conversation on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Jake Roberts openly conveyed his deep dissatisfaction with a main event pay-per-view match, deeming it as one of the most regrettable experiences of his wrestling career. His forthright remarks shed light on the depth of his disappointment and frustration regarding the match, offering a rare and introspective glimpse into the challenges encountered during his time in the ring.

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