The Match Jake Roberts Says Was “Horrible” And “Stunk”

The Match Jake Roberts Says Was

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts recently opened up about his profound regret regarding a particular match against Sting at WCW Halloween Havoc 1992, specifically a Coal Miner’s Glove match.

In a candid discussion on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Jake Roberts didn’t hold back in expressing his disdain for the bout, labelling it as one of his worst experiences in the ring.

The match stunk, and so did the idea. That was such a horrible thing to choose. What in the hell man?

Roberts questioned the match stipulation, emphasizing his bewilderment during the podcast. Roberts passionately objected to the concept of a Coal Miner’s Glove match, particularly the stipulated pole-climbing aspect, directing his incredulity towards Bill Watts, the mind behind the match.

I’m not climbing no pole, are you serious Bill [Watts]? That is the best thing that you could come up with? I thought it was ridiculous, and the match was one of my worst matches,

Delving into Sting’s mindset at the time, Jake Roberts suggested that Sting’s fatigue with shouldering the responsibility of drawing large crowds may have affected his commitment to the match. Roberts attributed this complacency to the security provided by contractual agreements, highlighting the detrimental impact of such arrangements on wrestlers’ motivations.

Sting wasn’t very excited to wrestle back then, and he had gotten tired of being the guy that everybody depended on to bring in the big house. He was getting lazy because he had that contract, and that is the bad thing about contracts – guys get lazy and are like, ‘Well, I’ll get all my money anyway,’

In drawing parallels to his current activities, Roberts emphasised his unwavering dedication to his craft. He underscored the importance of wholehearted commitment and effort in every performance, equating the experience to the physical exertion of a wrestling match.

I go out there and I gut it, and it is kind of crazy. After an hour or an hour and twenty minutes out there on stage, I feel like I worked a damn match, and I am using that energy and I pour it out,

Which Wrestler Did Jake Roberts Label “Psychotic?”

Jake Roberts labelled Macho Man Randy Savage as psychotic due to him being far too excitable during matches and Roberts recalled having to lean on Savage to tire him out so that he would listen to reason.

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